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What is the linPRO COWculator™?

The linPRO COWculator™ is an application program that evaluates the cost benefit attributes of incorporating linPRO-R into the transition period for dairy cows.

linPRO-R is a formulation of several key ingredients created through our dry-extrusion process, resulting in new protein/fat matrices with a significant RUP rate.

The linPRO-R COWculator™ evaluates the parametrical value of incorporating linPRO-R based on common nutritional information (metabolizable energy, protein and fibre).

The efficiency and effectiveness of Omega-3 energy is further evaluated in the application program starting with how the immunity response supports improved conception (pregnancy) along with added milk production.

The linPRO COWculator’s cost benefit analysis is supported by technical research done in conjunction with several University extension teams in North America.

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