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The following tables and formulas are an estimated representation of the costs and benefits of including linPRO-R to a dairy herds diet. The cost/benefit representations are based on University Extension work that was coordinated by O&T Farms. O&T Farms bears no final responsibility for the final results based on the representations made in these cowculator tables and formula's.

Marketing Board
Cow Breed
Milking Herd Size (Lactating & Dry)
Lactation Cycle (days/year)
Does Your Current Lactation Diet Contain a Bypass Fat Source
Proposed linPRO-R Inclusion Rate (% D.M.)
Proposed Feeding Program
Cull Cow Economics
Reproduction Economics
Quoted linPRO-R Price ($/ ton USD) ($/ tonne CAD)

The information hereby contained is supplied for reference purposes only and is not intended to provide any guarantee of results.