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Improved immunity means maximized repro and increased milk production

Targeted fat feeding during the transition period

The transition period encompasses three weeks prior to and three weeks post-calving, and is a stressful time in the cow’s life with increased incidence of metabolic and infectious diseases. During this period cows encounter negative energy balance (NEB) due to extreme metabolic stress and changing hormones as they transition from a pregnant to energy-demanding lactating state.

This NEB impairs immunity leading to increased incidence of disease (mastitis), reduced fertility, and decreased milk output, causing economic loss to the producer.

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Determine your cost benefit by incorporating linPRO-R into the transition period for dairy cows.

Why you should consider using LinPRO-R?


Optimized immunity

Increased Omega-3 energy density results in positive energy balance, improving resolution of inflammation. Reduction in mastitis and involuntary culls.

Maximize repro

Increased conception rates for first service, especially in first lactation cows. Reduction of total cow cost associated with failed pregnancy.

Increase milk production

More production and less downtime, with quicker return to lactation, and daily milk yield improvements.

Targeted fat feeding increases Omega-3 energy density in the diet and can reduce negative energy balance increasing fertility and milk production

Proven results from trusted voices in dairy health

The linPRO COWculator’s cost benefit is evaluated in the application program starting with how the immunity response supports improved conception (pregnancy) along with added milk production.

Research studies at PennState and UCDavis have targeted Omega-3 fat feeding using linPRO-R, a dry-extruded flaxseed supplement, measuring effects on immune function, plasma metabolites, and fatty acid composition of milk fat, plasma, and red blood cells.

Omega-3 PUFA serve as precursors for bioactive hormones that regulate immune function

The linPRO-R solution

LinPRO-R is a commercial flaxseed-based feed ingredient manufactured using dry-extrusion processing technology incorporating a unique ingredient combination of peas, alfalfa, vitamin E, and flaxseed. It is a ready-to-use, economical and stable source of plant-based Omega-3s and proteins that support immunity, reproduction and milk production.

The Power of dry extrusion

Dry extrusion uses pressure and temperature to erupt oilseeds and gelatinize starches around fat cells. During the process, protein-fat and protein-starch matrices are formed and anti-nutritional factors are dissipated, creating a Nutritionally Better animal feed ingredient.

Omega-3 FA counterbalance Omega-6 FA, leading to optimal activation and resolution of inflammation

O&T Farms

A pioneer and leader in the animal nutrition field, O&T Farms is a Saskatchewan-based agri-business that manufactures the most effective and efficient land-based Omega-3 feed ingredient in the world.

For more than 50 years, our company has been providing all-natural, land-based feed solutions to livestock producers, feed suppliers, and vertically-integrated livestock processors.

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